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Common Car Issues and their Quick Fix


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Common Car Issues and their Quick Fix


Identifying car problems can occasionally feel like try to solve a hurdle without all the pieces, but we are here to provide you some insight on most common car problems. As cars get older and car problems occur more, it may even be time to sell your car. From engines to tires to other things here are some of the most common car problems and their solutions.  


Car Vibrating: While car vibration is irritating, it is not indication of any serious problem. Car vibrating is mostly related to the tires. Your car tires may be out of balance, or your car alignment may have been thrown off.


Car Overheating: This problem could be caused by many of things. Your car could be running low on coolant, your car could be leaking coolant, or your radiator-fan could be out of work. This type of issue requires immediate attention from a mechanic, but there are a some of things you can do in an immediately.

If you feel your car is heating, or you see that your engine heat gauge is very high, turn the heater all the way up and put it at full speed. A heater of the car gets the heat directly from the engine, so when your car is overheating you can let the heat out of the engine.This would not solve the problem permanently but it may be slightly comfortable for a few miles, but it may save your engine from excess heating and damaging. If your car is overheating rush to mechanic immediately.


Steering Wheel Locked and Ignition not Turning On: It can be irritating if you need to go for some emergency work and try to start your car, but when you turn your key in the ignition it locks-up.But this should be a quick fix.Try to turn the steering wheel left and right simultaneously turning the ignition, in this way you can  unlock the steering wheel and ignition easily.


AC not blowing Cold Air: Ac not blowing cold air is not problem in winter season,but on the other hand during the summer season this can be quite frustrating. Most likely your car is low on coolant, but there could also be a leak in the air-compressor that tending your car ac to blow lukewarm air.


Squeaking. Squeaking can be occur by a many factors, but there are a some of common reasons of squeaking. If your car squeaks or shrill when braking, it’s likely that your brake pads are growing thin. Brake pads are make to start squeaking when 75% of the pads have worn down. This squeaking is a prompting that your brake pads need to get replace as soon as possible.